Bringing your
ideas to life

Startup Robotics is an innovative platform which links all components necessary to start your own robotics project.


Over the past decade, coding has experienced a massive surge in popularity due to accessibility, educational programs, and opportunities.

Due to increasing automation and accessibility, we predict that robotics will become the next coding.


However, robotics makers are in short supply and high demand. There are huge opportunities and a small talent pool.

Plug & Play Robotics

Our mission is to bring more people into robotics by bridging the gap between technology and engineering. We want to make robotics accessible, fun, and valuable to everyone.

Currently there are thousands of robotics parts available, but with no guarantee that they will work together. Startup Robotics have assembled a huge collection of over 100,000 generic robotics parts, verifying and mapping each individual part using our innovative software.


Online Robotics Builder

The cornerstone of Startup Robotics is our online robotics builder. Once an individual part has been verified and mapped, it is launched on our platform, and available to purchase as a recommended or custom build.

Recommended Builds

To remove the guesswork from robotics, we have a large variety of recommended builds that are available to purchase. There is something for every project and skill level, making robotics accessible to all. We only use parts that are guaranteed to function together.

Custom Builds

Thanks to our large database, custom builds are now easier than ever before. Users can select various parts, which are then verified to ensure they will work together. We alert you if there are any issues, and can recommend alternate parts before placing an order.

Our Platform

There is more to Startup Robotics than our online builder. It’s a place where your dreams can become a reality.

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User Projects

You can view other user projects, which can be used for inspiration, or to order the same parts. It’s even possible to order the entire robotics build.


User projects can be viewed by our database of industry professionals and investors. Fund your idea, or your kids’, and turn it into a real life project.


Startup Robotics will create and partner with existing regional, national and global robotics competitions. Within these competitions may be commercially viable solutions, yet there is no platform-based solution to bring all these factors together. That is, until now.

Startup Robotics is embedded with robotics industry professionals, builders, designers, and investors. We want to bridge the gap using our extensive parts catalogue to enable larger, more competitive, and more exciting Robotics Competitions, sponsored by our partners of robotic based investors and funds. These competitions will span from competitions for kids, schools, universities up to professional teams and companies.

Initial License Offering (ILO)

Startup Robotics are undertaking an ILO to boost our following and gain capital. With a focus on robotic-based builders, investors, minds and designers, combined with a key link to inidividual AI, makes this a very exciting project.

Our ILO will foster a team of ‘robotic-focused ILOers’, who are early adopters, keen and interested in this space. Our ILO can forge forward with a dynamic team that will excite the market about new and grassroots innovation in this enormous sector.